Traditional Kayabuki thatched farmhouse

Your perfect country retreat - Stay in a genuine kayabuki thatched peasant house, lovingly restored with modern amenities, just about two and a half hours from Tokyo.

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Family, Friends, Pets

A space for you to stay together with those that you love. Let your kids explore the garden while you lounge on a sofa. Have a meal with your friends on a large dinner table. Take your pet along to keep you company.

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Peace, Nature & Relaxation

The house gives you a peaceful retreat from busy city life. Enjoy a natural stay near forest, and fields, relax with a book, listen to music and enjoy a glass of wine

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Tradition & Modern Ammenity

While the house has its beautiful old fashioned look, and natural earth walls, it features modern bedrooms, furniture and kitchen. The bathroom is clean and modernised

Amazing Interiors. Tradition meets Modernity.

Inakahome aimed at preserving the unique beauty of the traditional Japanese peasant house with the modern ammenities that city dwellers enjoy. We carefully restored he beautiful natural earth walls, and added two private bed rooms. The center of the house is a large living dining room with plenty of space to lounge or dine. It features a contemporary kitchen design, and a clean modern bathroom. Saved from destruction, we rethatched the roof and obtained original clay from the nearby hills to repair walls. The low ceilings where removed, to let you see the tall 3m high roof above you.

Splendid Exteriors. Thatched roof and a picturesque surroundings.

Stay in a house with more than 150 Years of history Our house was registered 150 years ago, in the year one of Meiji. However, the building itself with its different construction parts and ancient beams attests to a much more advanced age. Exquisite Rural settings Lush forests and tranquil bamboo groves form the backdrop to the village of Arisaka. The house commands a wonderful view over small, lovingly cared for fields, woods to the west, and yet remains attached to the village community.

2.5 hrs from Tokyo. Car or Shinkansen.

Arisaka Village, Nagawa-machi

  • Shinkansen:
    • from Tokyo (Asama) 94 minutes to Ueda Station (A)
    • Rental car from Ueda station (18km ~ 45 minutes)
  • Own car:
    • Kanetsu expressway from Nerima (200km ~ 2 hours)
    • Exit at Tobu-Yonumaru IC (B)
Nearby facilities & attractions
  • Walking Distance:
    • Hot spring (Onsen)
    • Convenience store
    • Onigiri & Oyaki shop
    • Tourist information
  • Within 5 minutes driving:
    • Supermarket
    • Fresh soba restaurant
    • Japanese paper (washi) making
    • Petrol station
  • Further afield:
    • Fudodaki waterfall (15 minutes)
    • Utsukushigahara Highland hiking, art museum, dairy farms (40 minutes)
    • Skiing (25 minutes)
    • Bessho Onsen (30 minutes)
    • Kakeyu Onsen (30 minutes)
    • Ueda Castle (45 minutes)

Common Questions.

Do we have to bring Bed Linen & Towels?
No, we provide bed linen for both double beds, as well as towels.

What equipment & amenities do you have?
We have most things necessary for a weekend stay. A non-exhaustive list: Fully equipped kitchen (bring your own food & seasonings), portable oil heaters for winter, bar-b-q place and grill (bring your own food and coal), DVD Player and Screen (sorry no TV Channels), Analogue Valve Amplifier and Bose Speakers, Vinyl turntable, Couch, ...

Do you have Central heating?
No. We have the portable oil stoves that blow hot air. On very cold winter days (-10C with wind) you may still feel a little chilly, and if you feel cold easily please bring extra sweaters and maybe a blanket. If you run empty please purchase more oil at the nearby Komeri store.

Is there Internet?
No. Why not read a book instead, listen to music, or sit on the porch with a glass of wine instead?.

Can someone pick me up from the station?
Unfortunately no. You could take a bus (infrequent), taxi (a little costly) or bicycle (1hr+ ride) if you are not coming by car. Because it is country side, it is certainly more convenient to use a car to get around.

Do you offer cleaning service?
Not normally. We expect people to clean up after themselves, so that the next family or group staying can feel comfortable. So please do the washnig up after you eat, and make sure there is no dirt or untidiness. However, we will wash towels and bed linenm so just leave them.

Can we use the washing machine?
Of course! Specially kids may get dirty.

What are the sanitary facilities like?
We have a modern and clean bath cell that allows you to soak or shower just like at home. We also have a modern washlet toilet in a clean and well lit room.

About. Who, Why, What.

Inaka home was conceived as project in 2007, during the MBA-IB course for Entrepreneurship at the University of Tsukuba. The original founders where Patrick Niessen, Tomohisa Miyauchi, Peter Amor, later supported by N. Suzuki and Peter Opdahl.

The original idea was to operate it as a social enterprise: Renovate beautiful houses in the country side which would otherwise be demolished or fall to pieces, use them as holiday homes for stressed out city dwellers who want to have a more relaxed and natural environment on the weekend. Our idea was to mix tradition with modern style, so that the original beauty remains, while providing comfortable living.

As it happened, the project took more of our time than we expected, and in 2015 the company was sold to one of the original co-founders, who still operates it today.

If you want to learn more about the history of Inakahome, and maybe get some ideas about what to do in the area, you could check the original blog here.

Reservation. How to book your stay.

please send us an e-mail under:

tomohisamiyauchi (at)

Please let us know:

  • from / to dates
  • number of adults
  • number of kids
  • pets (if any)
  • any other message or question

We are looking forward to your visit!